How to Become a Millionaire

In the summer of 2019, I gave a talk in NYC about what it actually means to be a millionaire. It was on my friend Tricia Brouk’s “Expert Speaker” stage, and I’m over-the-top excited to share it with you. 

If I asked you – Do you want to be a millionaire… what would you say?

Yes, right?
Maybe even HELL yes!
It’s kind of a no-brainer for most people. 

But what if I asked you for the specifics? Like… Why? And what does that look like for you? 

Would you imagine flying around in a private jet, chilling on the beach, drinking champagne… and never needing to worry about – or even think about – money again? 

That’s what a lot of people picture. But the thing is, that’s just a big fat fantasy. It won’t help you actually make a million dollars! And believe me… you absolutely CAN make a million dollars, or multi-millions of dollars, if that’s what you want. Millionaires are real people, you guys. I AM ONE. Even though just a few years ago, I was working in the NYC public schools for a regular old paycheck. 

I get the fantasy. I really do. Because what we truly want is security. Joy. Freedom from worry. And the “millionaire” tag has come to represent that to us. 

But the fantasy just won’t get you there. 

In this short video, you’ll learn: 

  • Why everyone thinks about money – no matter how much they have – and that’s a good thing.  
  • How to transform the way you see money – completely for the better! 
  • How to replace the millionaire fantasy with concrete math and action steps so you can actually create what you want around money. 

Imagine what it would be like to make so much that you could give away more than you kept. 

Plus live wherever you want, travel to the places you’ve dreamed, and pay for everything practical in your life with utter ease. 

Financial freedom is absolutely something you can achieve. But to do it, you’ve got to let go of the fantasy and embrace what’s really here for you.  

To get started doing exactly that, join me right now!! 

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