Vulnerability is Power

In my last blog, I shared my “Expert Speaker” talk with you – on how millionaires are REAL, and how you can use simple math to get unstuck from your fantasies and actually become one. 

I also promised to share a vulnerable story with you this week, of what happened 20 minutes before I went up on stage – when I had a complete freak-out and wanted to just pack it in and go home. I couldn’t remember my lines. The rehearsal we had right beforehand went horribly.


And I hadn’t expected it! I thought I was done with moments like that! 

But the whole day helped me remember… there’s never a time when we become immune to fear. Or stop having freak-outs. And that’s a really good thing…  because the growth never stops on this wild ride. 

So today you’re gonna witness my meltdown moment up close – the tears, the terror, the self-doubt. 

I’m sharing this experience with you because it’s going to help you take your business to the next level – and enjoy it more in the process

In this short video, you’ll learn: 

  • Why the fear and terror are inevitable – and signal that you are on track.  
  • How to use the immense raw power of your vulnerability to fuel your expansion, expression, and service. 
  • A method to prepare yourself NOW for those intense breakdown moments, so you won’t be taken by surprise!

Real impact and success are not about polished perfection. They’re about authenticity, truth, and being right there in the moment. 

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