How to Be Creative, Authentic AND Successful in Sales

The first thing I introduce in my sales training for spiritual entrepreneurs is this idea that sales is not a script. When done well, the practice of sales is creative. It’s organic. It’s improvisational. And it’s rooted in pure service to the client. 

It’s so important to be present and authentic when you present your product or service to those who may need it. And at the same time, you need a reliable structure that WORKS. 

In this short but content-packed video, I teach you how to create a sales routine that is time-tested and proven successful. This process will carry you through the challenging parts with a sense of ease, while allowing your values and integrity to shine through in sales conversations.  

In this short video, you’ll learn: 

  • The three major elements of my proven “Sales Score” process 
  • How to ensure you’re hitting the points that every sales conversation should include
  • Why creativity, authenticity, and the principles of improvisation will transform how you feel about sales – so much that it might just become something you LOVE to do! 

…and more! 

I’m so excited to be sharing this valuable wisdom on one of my favorite topics!! 

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