Welcome Every Part of You (Guided Meditation)

In order to integrate all that we are, we must practice truly welcoming all of the parts of us. The highest, the lowest, the most joyful, the most fearful, and everything in between. That’s what today’s meditation is about… opening the door and inviting every single part of you with love. This process calls upon us to release resistance, and that’s what we’ll practice together. 

Meditation is about allowing the truth of who you are in this moment to be felt, experienced, and welcomed. It’s such a relief to sink into what’s here, and simply… allow it to be. 

In this sweet and expansive guided meditation, you’ll deeply experience these truths:  

  • You are made up of multitudes… there is so much more to you than anyone can see.  
  • Every part of you belongs, every part is sacred… there is more than enough space here for all the parts of you.  
  • A beautiful wholeness can happen… when you release the responsibility of “managing yourself.”  

…and there’s much more to be discovered in your own unique journey.

Welcome home to YOU. 

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