Let go of the drama, Make the decision

I love this teaching. 

It came from a collaborative process with my company’s creative director, Riyaana Hartley – who happens to be a stellar interviewer and filmmaker – when she asked me how I know when I’ve made a final decision. 

I was so used to thinking that decisiveness and clarity = massive enthusiasm. A really big, over-the-top energy. The ‘HELL YES’. 

Recently I’ve realized that (for me) that particular energy is still about getting ready! I need my enthusiasm to get geared up to make a decision. But then the truth of how I feel, and what I experience when I know it’s DONE – that energy is way chill. 

I’m a very emotional and expressive person. I do like to go big. So it was amazing to discover this truth of how to recognize my own actual decisions

It’s all about neutrality for me. Once the decision is made – the drama fades away. 

I believe the purpose of the big “Hell Yes” or “Hell No” is to help us get clear. We’re used to being surrounded by messiness around decision-making in our culture, so big energy and a bit of drama can be in service to us actually making the choice. 

Once you’ve really decided, there’s no need for that kind of strong polarity, because there’s only one option. Once you’ve made the choice, all other options fall away. That’s how you can recognize neutrality. When there’s no longer a need to compete, no need to battle. There’s just one thing. Simple as knowing your own name. This is an invitation and a tool for you, to begin to recognize within yourself when you are truly decided.

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