Let’s Get Into Action – Your Money Goals Are Close!

I just spoke to someone who told me they “can’t connect with a financial goal.”

I hear this pretty frequently. It’s part of our collective unconsciousness and disempowerment around money. I have tremendous compassion for this AND I can’t help anyone who doesn’t have an ambitious vision for their own growth. 

Not having a clear vision of how much money you want to make is one of the fastest ways to stop your own financial growth and freedom.

Do you resonate with this blind spot?

Here’s your homework: 

  • Ask yourself how much money you would love to make every day. Let the answer come to you – be light about it. You’re not going to do anything about it yet. 
  • Do this every day, allowing the answer to change, go up and down, surprise you, make you uncomfortable. 
  • Over time, you’ll notice a change in your relationship to the question as well as the numbers you’re choosing. This is because you’re doing the simple act of actually considering what you want – and without any further effort on your part, it is dismantling the blind spot you’ve been inadvertently cultivating up until now.  

Bonus: when your number feels right and stays the same for 3 days in a row, trust it and get serious about it. This doesn’t mean make it heavy!!! It means make the decision to create your dream – on your terms, in alignment with your values, in service to humanity. 

Once that decision is made, get on the phone as soon as possible. Who will benefit from what you have? 

For a mindset reframe to help make that last part happen – someone recently asked me:

How do I approach the process of cold calling?  

This was my response.

Sales needs a total rebrand, and we get to create it together. One call at a time.


 If you’re looking to embrace your desires and take this a step further, download the Fear of Cold Calling Guide: http://bit.ly/2wUxWoQ

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