Finding depth on Instagram (is your feed nourishing you?)

I’ve been really truly sincerely appreciating Instagram lately because I’m learning actual shit. 

I’m inspired, I’m humbled. I feel seen and spoken to directly. 

As I find more and more accounts that are speaking to my depth and my edge, I’m less and less entertained by more shallow videos of cuteness that I used to be obsessed with. 

I want to be called out. 

I want to be called in. 

I want to be offered a nuance around an idea that I have thought about a ton. 

Jeffrey Marsh teaches me those nuances. They’re speaking about the truth of love and boundaries and true relationship in a way that I’ve never seen or heard before. I’m eager for every single post because I know it’s going to give me clarity and take me deeper into my practice AND feel supportive. In the last week alone I’ve felt seen and accepted, and at the same time called to a higher standard of consciousness, around what it means to be truly myself. And what it means to truly love!!

Sunn m’Cheaux teaches me about language, history, justice, and what I can actually do to improve my contribution right this red hot second. I feel like I become a better person every time I watch his posts. I have some serious gaps in my awareness of what it is to be other than white in this country, in this world. Every post helps me fill those gaps, and helps me take responsibility. It gives me concrete things to think about and to do.

If you’re wanting more depth in your daily life, these questions helped me shine a flashlight on my feed. 

  • What am I watching? 
  • What am I using it for? 
  • Is it expansion, or is it escapism? 
  • Is it nourishing me or is it draining me? 

Go to the video to hear about these two radically inspiring accounts and what I’m receiving from each of them. 


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