Are you faking your faith?

So many of the conversations I’ve witnessed over the last two years have to do with uncertainty. 

More precisely, how we deal with uncertainty. It feels like the whole world is taking on this question. 

Which has led me to reflect on the subject of faith more deeply than ever. The experience, the meaning, the purpose, the resources faith can provide…. AND how to discern when spiritual bypassing sneaks in wearing faith’s clothing. 

Faith has become something in my own life that I recognize as an asset.

It’s like I have millions stashed in the bank because I have faith in God, in a higher consciousness, in a greater possibility, in a divine purpose. I experience that very religiously, but I think about it very practically. It really doesn’t even matter if it’s “real”; it gives me resources. The proof is in my feeling more resourceful when I believe that I’m not alone when I believe that God’s got me. 

Faith as a resource. Faith as an asset. 

As opposed to faith as a value, as a program, or as a behavior that is trained into us. 

So what IS the experience of faith, actually? What does it look like, what does it feel like? 

While there are often some positive feelings of relief that come along with it, the moment-to-moment experience of faith is extremely confronting almost all the time. It feels scary, edgy, uncomfortable, uncertain. 

Faith is the partner to uncertainty. They go together.

 There’s no need for uncertainty when you have faith – there’s also no room for faith when you’re “certain.” The place where faith grows, where it thrives, is when things are uncertain

Watch the full video for the entire transmission which will likely blow your mind.

If you want to go deeper, some questions for personal inquiry: 

  • What is your experience of faith? 
  • Where did your views around faith originate? 
  • Does your faith provide you with tangible resources, or primarily with relief? (Maybe it’s both.) 
  • Are there any areas where your faith consistently breaks down? What would it look like to let radical faith exist there, too? 
  • Are you applying faith to the process of ‘living the dream’? Have you ever used it as an excuse to avoid taking action? 


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