When what scares you is pointing to your growth [here’s what to do!]

This is a gem from one of my favorite collaborations ever; my intimate talks with Elena Brower. 

If what scares me is pointing to my growth… and I am completely debilitated and unable to go toward that which scares me… what’s my first move? -EB 

There are two things that I find useful and use daily. 

  1. Just do it. Jump out of the airplane. The big word for that is ACTION – go into action, take any action that’s aligned to the growth. It’s not muscling through, it’s not forcing, but it is using the strength that you have. It is using your muscles, not straining them. It doesn’t take a lot of physical effort to jump out of an airplane! 
  2. Love the fear. Actively. I have a cute little stuffed animal on my desk to represent that fear is with me all the time and I can choose to love it all the time. Fear is a young tender energy that needs us to turn toward it, not away from it. 

So when we jump out of the plane, it’s not like.. “F$ck you, fear.”  

We’re actually saying, “I love you, I’ve got you, I’ve got this. Now let’s go.” 

Let’s go. 

I teach sales, a topic most everyone has fear around. That fear is pointing to the fact that sales (the way I do it) leads to deep inner growth. Because the nature of our fear is that it runs much deeper than the surface reasons we have for avoiding sales – like we’re afraid to hear no, or that people will judge us, or we won’t make any money. My question is always, what’s underneath that? And underneath that

When it comes to making money, these practices are incredibly helpful because staying stuck in fear or inaction will break your business real quick. 

I encourage you to try it. 

What are you afraid of? 


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