This Work Changes How We LOVE

I’ve had to learn how to love myself differently in order to show up for my clients. 

In loving myself differently, I can love all the parts of other people that I couldn’t even perceive before. And in loving them I recognize my capacity for love… which changes how I see myself. This gives me more access to the love that I am already delivering.

It’s like a fire that constantly feeds itself. The more love, the more oxygen I give it, the more engulfed by love I become. 

It’s a beautiful cycle.

I had a profound experience recently that inspired this whole discussion – how transformational work, especially in the realm of money and sales, literally changes HOW WE LOVE. 

I was in a sales conversation with someone who had already decided to work with me. She’s known for months that she was going to do this work, but it has been scary, and she’s taken her time to step into the container.

I was gentle… and so persistent at the same time.

Because I know that we’re meant to work together. And so does she. I’m not going to pretend. I know we’re working together. 

And it was the most tender, most intimate experience I may have ever had in a sales conversation. 

We were both weeping.

In a sales call y’all. 

Watch the video for the full story.

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