Your desires lie just past your growth edge with money

We’re basking in brilliant words on the power of money work today. Tiffany Carole is an incredible spiritual teacher, author, speaker, cultural midwife, and successful entrepreneur. She’s also a star client crushing 6-figure months, and she is bringing new depth to our conversations around money activism. 

There’s so much density of karma, if you will, in relationship to money. 

So many painful events have happened within the process of human evolutionary existence – where money has been central to power dynamics that are harmful to human beings. I think that’s why spiritually-minded people…  just look the other way.  It can be so painful to even go in and feel what one’s relationship is to it. 

But if we don’t, it just keeps being what it is. 

Money is not good or bad. It’s just money. 

[The work Jesse is doing] is confronting in many ways. But when you’re confronting your relationship to money, in relationship to someone else, in real time – all the ways that you navigate relationships with power, internally and externally, reveal themselves to you. 

And if you keep leaning into it and dropping back into it, more depth of trust becomes available to you. The journey brings up a certain kind of difficulty that yields more power for oneself.” 

-Tiffany Carole

Watch for the full conversation for my response and many more insights.

Here’s my 3-step exercise for spiritually-minded people to confront blind spots around money, move past your growth edge, and empower the financial component of your purpose. 

Awareness: First, you must become aware of your own truths around money. This objective truth telling is where spiritual folks are impeccably well prepared to do this work. You are already so good at self-reflection – you bring that skill set to this area. 

  • Where are you tolerating less than you deserve or desire? Where are you feeling resentful in your work? 
  • Where are you resisting money? If you’re not sure, look at your judgments about people with money.
  • Where do fear and scarcity around money show up in your life? What are your tender spots, your triggers, your blind spots? 

Vision: If you knew that your ideal relationship with money would benefit EVERYONE in the world… what would that look like? Include concrete numbers in this to help you move more quickly. 

  • How much wealth would you have? 
  • How much money would you donate to causes of your choice? 
  • How much would you charge for your services? 
  • What would be different about your experience of the world? 

Action: What will you do to achieve your newly minted vision? 

  • It seems obvious, but… make more money.
    •  At its root, there are only two ways to do this – charge more, or sell more. There are lots of ways to do this and I teach them all.
  • Hire a money coach, a mindset coach, a sales coach… someone who has mastery and can teach you about money.  

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