You Can Grow Big and You Can Grow Fast

There is a version of you who has accomplished the most extraordinary things. 

They have achieved your biggest goals; they already have the thing you want most right now.

You can tap into their wisdom at any time. 

Connecting to your future self is a radical act of self-love

It’s not something we’re trained to do. And, it can transform everything in your life. 

Let’s say you have a goal to make $30K in a month (or 10k, or 100k, or a million…) 

Maybe it feels scary, impossible, or intimidating.

You can connect to the version of you who’s already done it, and ask them what they did to get there.

It’s part imagination, part creation, part allowing, and part receiving. 

Your future self will guide you… if you allow them to do so.

In Part Two of my 3-interview series with Tiffany Carole, we talk about:

  • Going BIG
  • How your spiritual practices have primed you for massive success
  • The importance of money integrity
  • What your future self is really asking of you

“The paradigm that our future self is calling us to… It requires that we embrace discomfort. 

And it requires that we take risk. 

To the degree that we take that risk, we get to experience our exponential self. -Tiffany Carole,

P.S. If your future self is telling you that it’s time to go big, to integrate money on a higher level and do what you came here for, check out MISSION: my new group program, starting July 11! 

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