Disarm them with Love

We all get triggered.

That doesn’t make us any less spiritual.

In fact, I think you reach a milestone on the spiritual journey when you get conscious and curious about your triggers.

You can see what’s actually going on inside of yourself. When a trigger arises, you’re not lost in a spiral of reactivity. You can say… Okay, something is happening right now. 

And you get to choose how to respond from there.

For me there’s a series of simple steps that help me stay conscious in triggering moments.

  1. Recognize that something doesn’t feel good.
  2. Ask yourself these questions:
    a. What wants to be seen here?
    b. What is asking for my attention?
    c. What is asking for my LOVE?
  3. Decide – Will you let this take you out of your love? Or will you stay devoted to loving yourself through the uncomfortable moment?

Step two is the most revolutionary. The ability to look at what’s really happening and go underneath is literally radical. Step one, your awareness, is the prerequisite: you have to recognize that something is happening in the first place in order to do anything about it!

And Step three is the bottom line. The life-changer.

To say.. I am devoted to staying in my love no matter what.

That’s my commitment.

It is our ability to love ourselves when we’re triggered that increases our capacity to hold infinite space for those we serve. 

I am devoted to increasing the steadiness of my love. My love for myself. My love for God. My love for the world. My love for my clients. My love for my family. My love for my vision. My love for love.

Of course, I’ll live it imperfectly – that’s what makes it devotion. I’m using it all to go deeper.

How about you?

Watch for the full teaching + a personal story about my experience of this process!


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