My core principles for making high-end sales

When we talk about money at JJC we’re talking about God. Every time. And when we talk about sales, we’re talking about service and spiritual practice. These things can’t be separated. They’re one and the same. 

To talk about truly high-end sales in this paradigm, we have to establish some very high standards. 

Here are my top principles for making spiritual, high-end sales.

  • Know deeply – in body, mind, and soul – that ANYONE can pay. 

When people want something, when they have urgency for it, they can and will find a way. If you go into a sales conversation with a condition that only certain people can afford your product or service, you’re sabotaging yourself. The reason stereotypically ‘broke’ people can come to me, find the money to pay, add a zero to their income and never look back starts with MY knowing that they can do it.

Change requires decision AND action. 

First they have to make a conscious choice. Then they have to do something that demonstrates their commitment to that choice. When your clients are saying yes to making a big change in their lives, paying you is them committing. Putting a deposit down is the action that makes it real. 

Instead of saying they’re going to do something different… they’ve DONE something different.  

When they pay you for it, they’re saying yes to change in themselves. A different kind of life. Saying yes to dreams, to what’s possible. They’re saying yes to themselves. 

And in order to help them do it, the Very Important Truth that you need to understand, that you need to KNOW in your bones is… 

Anyone can pay. 

This is a massively important mindset piece. The people who want what you’ve got — you gotta KNOW that the money is there, and it’s there right now. (Whether they can see it, or not.) 

  • Stop thinking about yourself. 

It’s impossible to sell anything well if you’re busy feeling insecure, trying to get people to like you, or wanting them to do what you want… so that you can feel good or get the money.

Herein lies the spiritual practice. It’s a kind of yoga when you’re in a sales conversation! You’re selling your products and services; often, selling yourself. It’s incredibly vulnerable and incredibly personal. 

AND when you’re in the sales conversation, it’s not about you.  

When you raise your prices to a high caliber, charging 10k or more, you have to be really squeaky clean about the quality of your attention. Focused completely on the person in front of you. 

The most joyful hack that I have for this is really letting God hold all my vision, all my desires. While I’m in a sales call, I’m not thinking about that. I’m talking to the one person in front of me. It’s about them

Free them completely. They don’t owe you anything. 

I’m there to help them get clear about what’s next for them. If what’s next for them includes hiring me, it is my job to sell them. If what’s next for them does not include hiring me, it’s my job to let them go. 

  • Experience sales as service. 

By the time I reach the end of a sales conversation with a potential client, they’re just not that likely to say “I can’t afford you…” even when they hear my high-end prices. 

How is that possible?

It’s the magic of the Sales Score. That’s what I call my sales process, and it’s part of what I teach all of my clients. The Score consists of a series of 4 questions that I walk people through. It holds me to the highest standard of service, and it allows me to do one all-important thing: Facilitate Clarity

Working with potential clients in a completely consensual way, we collaborate to discover: what they really want in their lives, how much urgency they have for change, whether or not they want to do this work, and whether or not they want to do it with me

When the call is complete, the client is so clear in their Yes or their No that the actual amount of money literally can’t stop them

Yes or no, I celebrate them. 

And they experience a valuable transformation either way. 


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