The hard truth about love that nobody talks about

In spiritual communities we love to talk about love. So much so that I’m hesitant to even have these conversations. We say: “Love is all there is.” 

But what does that really mean? 

It’s like… yeah, love. Of course. God is love and God is present in everything. That doesn’t mean we experience love and only love 24 hours a day! We’re human. 

And I don’t think we fully, properly describe the alternative. 

What I’ve come to is the truth that when we’re not loving we’re harming.

We are harming ourselves.
We can harm others. And we do.

When I talk about Love, I’m talking about the commitment to non-harming.
Which has to do with recognizing where we leave our love.

In order for us to have this conversation as a community, we have to be willing to look at the truth that we harm. It’s so uncomfortable to look at that truth that we would rather cover ourselves up and use our spirituality to bypass reality…

If we are not in our love, we are in our harm.
Once we look at the truth, we can do the real work to get closer to God.


New Podcast Appearance! 

It’s so much fun to share that I was recently a guest on The Sage Thought Leadership Podcast.

I love that their mission is to celebrate entrepreneurs as creators, and to offer our stories and knowledge to others. In this interview we talk about creating from vision, desire, and most importantly DHARMA. I share why the pieces of my work that are most divinely guided often feel the most challenging – and the most purposeful at the same time. Check it out here.

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