Best Business Hack for Breakthroughs: Think More About THEM

This month we’re sharing the full story of JJC’s rise to success, with details that have never been revealed before. And we’ll share the big ‘secret’ right up front – all the big, breakthrough blessings, the ones that moved the needle forward, have been about energetics

I hadn’t made any sales yet when I decided to help people sell! 

In the beginning of my business, I wanted to coach retreat leaders exclusively. I wanted to coach spiritual educators. I thought I could bring depth to the spiritual community that was missing.

I built out a really cool program to assist clients in crafting, planning, and running their retreat. I knew I could bring so much value to their process AND I loved that I would get to travel all over the world. 

Turns out, that wasn’t what they needed help with.
It simply isn’t the biggest problem that spiritual teachers, coaches, healers need to solve. The curriculum – although it’s really fun to geek out about – is not their challenge.

So my first program was a bust.
AND it was my first big breakthrough blessing.

What I was doing on the inside when I thought about my business (my energetics) needed refinement.
I recognized that I needed to think more about THEM – the clients.
To focus on what they really wanted and needed… Not just on what would be fun for me, or what I had been specifically trained for. 

And, in conversation with my coach around what needed to be seen – I realized that people needed help with MONEY. And I was the one to help them, even though I had never done it before.  

I was certainly never planning to do this work!  

Yet I’d had enough conversations with potential clients at that point to realize: they were struggling with how to get people into the retreat.

That’s the problem. 

They don’t know how to make money.
And if they don’t figure that piece out, then it’s going to feel like a failure and they’ll never do it again.

Looking back, I feel like money came in and grabbed me with both hands to pull me into my future. 

You don’t need to worry about what you haven’t done yet…
What aspect of your vision is pulling you into the future??  


If you’re looking to take this a step further and want to understand what I can help you accomplish, book a call with one of our Clarity Coaches.

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