The work starts working exponentially when you CLAIM it.

Looking back at the real JJC success story (the story of our underlying energetics) I can clearly see the turning point. The moment where we kicked it into high gear and skyrocketed toward 7-figures.  

I had been teaching about sales, experiencing it as a spiritual practice, for some time…. But I was still hiding it behind closed doors. 

This is where I had been told and taught to go by God.
So I did the work to line up with what had been asked of me all along. 

When we shined a light on the truth – that spiritual sales is one of the primary pillars of Jesse Johnson Coaching – we opened the floodgates. 

And at that moment, I became undivided in my own devotion to sales.

It was my willingness to be myself that opened the potential to claim sales in the way that I did… And then have people respond to that. 

People respond to authenticity. They’re hungry for it.
Most people who come to us still don’t think of sales as something fun – but they respond to my conviction, to my alignment. 

And once they get in here and do the work… Let’s just say we’ve had many more 7-figure earners since I claimed sales publicly. We’ve had many more multiple 6-figure earners, and many more fresh 6-figure successes. 

The work began to work exponentially better, the moment I claimed it. 


If you’re looking to take this a step further and want to understand what I can help you accomplish, book a call with one of our Clarity Coaches.

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