Comparing Will Distract You From the Truth Every Time!

Comparing ourselves to others can be addictive.

I meet with all kinds of brilliant people who have incredible visions and intentions and offerings. Skilled people, with big beautiful hearts and a desire to realize their dream and serve the world.

Even at that high level of excellence, comparison is something that people contend with.

It shows up as the inner critic, the inner judge, the inner asshole.

Maybe this feels familiar –

You see people out there having wild success. You follow them because they’re so much like you –  that should make it easy to identify with their wins!

But as soon as you actually witness the success, you start telling a different story.
The story of why they’re not like you.
How they can do it, but you can’t.
That somehow, you’re so fundamentally different from them… They have something you just don’t have… And where they can be successful, you will never be.

When we do this, we take what wants to be love and appreciation and use it to actually harm ourselves.

Even when I’ve compared myself in a more positive way (“If they can do it, I can too!”) I’ve missed so much of the story… the story of my own unique gifts and working in the ways that work for me.

At its core, comparison is a distraction from what’s flowing through us, and what wants to be out in the world. 

What wants to come through you next?


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