Bold Moves & Big Wins in the Group Move All of Us Forward!

I want you to hear straight from a beloved (epic, beautiful, brilliant, extraordinary) high level client of mine today – on how our work inside of a group container transformed her life.

Rachel is a bestselling author, speaker, coach and so much more. She’s doing revolutionary work at the executive level, helping people bring LOVE to work. Rachel’s mission is to help heal and uplift the world by empowering women to give themselves everything they ever wanted in life, now.

“There are certain things about being in a container with Jesse that are like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. One of them is a level of permission, plus fierce integrity to really be there for yourself like you’ve never been before.

To step boldly into your actual and real desires with no apology, no people-pleasing, no worry or concern for how it might affect another. It’s not that there is carelessness about it. It’s that there is a devotion and commitment to listening to your true desires, and taking action on their behalf.

I love being in a group with Jesse because EVERYONE IN THE GROUP IS GOING FOR IT.
Going for their highest highs, their biggest wins…
Their most real and honest desires.

Because of that, and because of Jesse’s relentlessness about helping people break patterns or anything that keeps a person small… The level of integrity and the way I personally feel held in a group like that is remarkable.

It’s a place where I know I can show up with every single one of my desires, speak them, and get support for making them come true.

As Jesse would say, it’s a renouncing of competition. And instead, every time someone makes a bold move or gets a big win, that bold move moves all of us forward. That big win opens the door for more wins for all of us.

I don’t know that I’ve ever been in a group where I feel like I’m actually allowed, invited, and even appreciated for being as big as I really am.

There is nothing like that.”
-Rachel Madorsky, LCSW


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