Comparing is a Sneaky Tool of the Subconscious

This is the heart of all of the work that we do.
We’re navigating the fact that we have two parts. 

We have the part of us that wants to grow and improve and expand. To do more, serve more, have more, be more, experience more.

And the part of us that will truly go to any lengths to prevent the exact thing that we want from happening.

The bigger the desire, the bigger the growth opportunity. The bigger the resistance. 

That is our nature. We are the one form of life on planet earth that can choose not to grow. This is the complexity of it; we all have a subconscious program operating in our minds that wants to protect us at all costs. It will do anything to keep us from the danger of growth, the danger of possibility, the danger of new experience. The danger of expansion. The danger of visibility. 

And because comparison is so effective in keeping us small, it’s a rampant form of self-sabotage.
A go-to for the sneaky subconscious.
A haven for the ego. 

The universe is magnificently large when we compare ourselves to it.

And we will always be minuscule. 

Yet we are at the center of our universe. 

Both can be true. We can be both small and large. We can be both minuscule and central. 

For me there’s so much freedom in looking at this truth… And allowing it to affirm my existence.

(Watch the video for the full story.) 


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