How Hiring a Stylist Impacted my Self-Love & Bottom Line

When you are your business – as all spiritual teachers, healers, and coaches are, at least in part – any place where you find yourself insecure creates a magnet for poking.

As you work on your mindset, as you master sales, as you increase your visibility and impact…
Those little bits of doubt, fear, and worry get amplified.
And everyone can see.

When I started my coaching business in 2016, fashion was a questionable arena for me.
I had learned rather late in life how to shop and dress professionally. My look, if classy, was that of a high school math teacher!

I needed an upgrade and a rebrand, and I had no idea how to do it on my own.

Enter my epic stylist, Jenni Lee.
There are loads of personal stylists out there, but rarely do they have the experience or connections to attend high end fashion shows in service to connecting the fashion world with the entrepreneurial world. As a matter of fact, as this newsletter drops Jenni Lee is hustling from one premiere designer’s runway show to another at New York Fashion Week. Badass. 

I took my business from startup to 7 figures in 2 years – and I can’t imagine doing that without growing my wardrobe along with me.

At first, the clothes elevated me, helped me become the woman, CEO, and spiritual teacher I knew I was born to be. They were a tool in my personal and professional development – and there’s no doubt that my willingness to get good at dressing as myself helped me make more money.

Now, clothes reflect my authenticity – and I’m a very happy fashionista. My clothes, my bags, my shoes are beloved to me. I love dressing every day. I love shopping for myself and adorning my beautiful and unique form. I feel very much myself in my clothes, I know what looks great on my body and what feels good on the inside. 

All of these things are skills I didn’t have, until I hired a stylist to help me.

In all of my personal development, the work with my stylists has been the most personal, most tearful, most private, and most vulnerable of all.

It has involved me being literally naked as I try on clothes, see myself wearing things that take me to my edge, and allow all of my material about my own self-image to come to the surface and transform. In the beginning, it was my least favorite work because it felt so painful to see myself and let myself be seen. 

It has been a deep healing for me.

As my stylist since 2017, Jenni  has cleared out my closet with me, shopped with and for me, planned my wardrobe for events and travel, and truly touched every aspect of what it means to move throughout my day. She sees me even when I don’t see myself, and reflects the truth back to me. Working with her is fun, playful, and powerful – she is a professional, an expert, she gets my alien mystical identity, and knows how to help me express all of who I am.

Jenni is the best.
Every person deserves this work, and if your face, energy, presence, or skill are an asset in your business, this work is essential for you.

Witness her magic here – Take the ‘What’s Your Badass Boss Style’ Quiz!  

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