She literally brings Love to work

I am over the moon about sharing my beloved client Rachel with you today. She’s a bestselling author, speaker, and coach who is absolutely on fire in her business and her life. 

This video has been beautifully crafted to highlight Rachel’s story and her work, I want to let it speak for itself. The message this woman brings to the world is so potent – and so so important. 

“I had this hypothesis that I wanted to prove: 

The more we love ourselves, the more generous we are. 

But no one shows us how.
I wanted to show us: THIS IS HOW.
This is how you love yourself.
It’s a practice. 

The more we do it, the more we have to give.
We give from the overflow. We give from pleasure.
We give because we genuinely want to, and because we genuinely have more to give. 

I want to be a stand, especially for women, to give themselves every single thing they want in life now.
You don’t have to wait.
In fact, the path to whatever your next level is, is through giving yourself what you want now.
Giving yourself the thing you think you’ll give yourself when you get there.
Give it to yourself now, and that will be how you get there faster.” 

Rachel Madorsky 

It’s an unmatched honor working with a powerhouse like Rachel.

Her #1 Best Selling Book, How To Love Yourself: In Less Than a Week and Also for the Rest of Your Life will be relaunching as a special gift hardback in March… stay tuned.
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