How deep is your belief in yourself?

For the past two weeks, the JJC team and a portion of our community have all been engaged in a prosperity practice together. 

The experience has been more powerful than even I expected.

The abundance principles we’re working with are a whole journey on their own; now we know that bringing our focus to them as a group turns the power way up. We want to share a little taste of the wealth of insight with you! 

The first post is from me. 

And this final piece below was submitted by my beloved Aunt Judy.
(It comes from the book A Year with Rumi: Daily Readings by Coleman Barks.)

In my years of doing this work, I’ve come to understand that being my True Self is the key to unlocking every door I perceive as closed. Showing up as fully human and fully divine, gifted and flawed, loving and complicated and wounded and terrified and HERE FOR IT ALL. That’s what’s gotten me this far, and it’s what my most successful clients have all done. Once we decide to be unapologetic about who we are and live as the real one – the path unfolds before us, we walk in our purpose, and the money flows from a place of deep truth.

In order to be who you came here to be, to express your core essence, you have to believe in that person.

You gotta believe that the real You exists. And then believe so deeply in that version of yourself, that you allow the fullness of expression to come through you and elevate you to the highest level of service, satisfaction, and abundance.

I recorded the Belief in Self meditation to work with these truths. It’s blissful and powerful; I’m including it here so you can give yourself the gift of spaciousness. Wrap yourself up in the truth of who you are, and emerge refreshed and inspired.


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