Healing our wounding around want

For as long as I can remember, I asked for things and didn’t get them.
Asking was not the key in those situations. 

Sometimes it was because my parents weren’t budgeting as much as I wanted them to. Sometimes it was because they didn’t understand how important that thing was to me. But it was just the experience over decades of asking for something and not getting it. 

Asking for something in romantic relationships and not getting it. Asking for something from the government and not getting it. It’s so understandable to me. I have so much compassion for that part of me that didn’t believe that I would create it. 

The paradigm shift, the thing that was so liberating and fun about it, was the key ingredient of personal responsibility. In all these other situations, I didn’t get it because I was wanting it to come from someone else. 

But this isn’t like that, actually. This is totally up to me. When I’m going for something that I haven’t done before, and I don’t exactly know how it’s gonna happen, there is room for me to question if it will happen. 

I can still be in that mystery space.
But choose: I’m gonna figure it out. I am. 

Source material, Sales Full Stop, September 16, 2021

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