Money Backstory

We are here to break the implicit agreements we have made that separate god and money. 

That we, as spiritual people, shouldn’t be making money.
That we, as spiritual people, shouldn’t be charging money. 

Making money is your service.
Making money is your most important service.
Making money is what God wants you to do.
Making money is what you’re being instructed to do. 

This is your medicine. 

Our fears about money are just that – our fears. They are not God’s fears.
God is very, very clear on this point. 

It is our responsibility to be empowered around money. In order to get clear about what this looks like for you, you may want a little more support about money, which is my exquisite skill and delight to deliver. 

Source material, Open & Awake planning meeting with Harshada, Summer 2023

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