True Victory

In Vedic mantra practice, there’s a word. JAI is often how it’s spelled in English. It means victory. 

Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram.

This mantra is about celebrating the triumph, the victory of the heart over the mind. Of the love over the greed or the scarcity. 

The essential qualities of victory – of real victory – are not particularly on the battlefield or soccer field or football field. Those are beautiful, but the essence of victory is this. Faith is in the heart and the heart is in the body. 

Our minds are so powerful, they’re amazing. They’re amazing. And they’re not meant to lead. Ever. We live in a society where the head is like, “I’m so awesome. I’m in charge all the time. I use stress and misery to keep myself in power. Cause I’m the ego and that’s how I love to do it. It works so well.” 

To cut through that even for a moment is kind of a miracle. To cut through that as your baseline? Paradigm change. Culture change. World change.

Source material, Sales Full Stop, September 16, 2021

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