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She literally brings Love to work

I am over the moon about sharing my beloved client Rachel with you today. She’s a bestselling author, speaker, and coach who is absolutely on fire in her business and her life.  This video has been beautifully crafted to highlight Rachel’s story and her work, I want to let it speak for itself. The message this woman brings to the world is so potent – and so so important.  “I had this hypothesis that I […]

Bold Moves & Big Wins in the Group Move All of Us Forward!

I want you to hear straight from a beloved (epic, beautiful, brilliant, extraordinary) high level client of mine today – on how our work inside of a group container transformed her life. Rachel is a bestselling author, speaker, coach and so much more. She’s doing revolutionary work at the executive level, helping people bring LOVE to work. Rachel’s mission is to help heal and uplift the world by empowering women to give themselves everything they […]