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No One Does it Alone – So Why Are You?

When I saw that teaching and coaching on money and sales was correct for me, I was really scared and really uncomfortable. I also really wanted to do this work; I’ve always been ambitious, and I was hungry for this vision. So I borrowed heavily on my coach’s faith in me. She was absolutely certain that I could do this. I trusted her completely. And she was absolutely right.  I will never claim that I could have […]

Best Business Hack for Breakthroughs: Think More About THEM

This month we’re sharing the full story of JJC’s rise to success, with details that have never been revealed before. And we’ll share the big ‘secret’ right up front – all the big, breakthrough blessings, the ones that moved the needle forward, have been about energetics.  I hadn’t made any sales yet when I decided to help people sell!  In the beginning of my business, I wanted to coach retreat leaders exclusively. I wanted to […]