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How to Make Money Fast!

You know when you go to Six Flags, you can either wait in these massive line or you can literally get a pass that lets you skip right to the front? Imagine yourself there right now, standing in front of your favorite ride, your VIP pass in your hands, ready to go… then you look around, and everyone else is waiting in line for hours. Like maybe you’re the only one in the whole park […]

What it’s Like to Work With Me

My message today is really simple.  There are only three areas of focus for anything you want to create.  Therefore, there are three buckets of work I do when I coach any of my clients: Vision Strategy  Mindset  All of these things are happening all the time, but Vision is first in the order because without a vision, there’s nothing to coach about. Most of the people I work with have big beautiful visions, much […]

How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome

It’s not only normal for imposter syndrome to come up in entrepreneurship, it’s universal. It certainly has come up for me in the process of building a business to 7-figures so quickly, and I just realized (while I was filming this) that I’ve developed some valuable tools to deal with it.  Here’s a reflection that goes into detail around my own personal hacks for imposter syndrome – particularly when raising my prices.  I wrote this […]

How to Make High-End Sales Using Two Core Principles

How do people make big changes?  It requires decision and action. First, they have to make a conscious choice. Then they have to do something that demonstrates their commitment to that choice. When your clients are saying yes to making a big change in their lives, paying you is them committing. Putting a deposit down is the action that makes it real.  They don’t know that. Part of your mastery as a salesperson, healer, coach, […]

It’s Okay to Want What You Want

A key to the process of creation is that you gotta let yourself WANT what you want. You gotta feel it.  In the video below, my client Kate LaBrosse reveals the truth of her wanting, along with what happened when she genuinely embraced her desires. She shares what it feels like to unapologetically own her desires,“without explanation or compromise…to have, be, do, and experience what I really want…not some watered-down palatable f-ing version of what […]