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Saying the thing means sharing your true sight

People are hungry to be seen – and you see them. People are hungry to be heard – and you hear them. Let them know. You know. You see. You hear.  What would it feel like to share your true sight in your business, with your clients, and everywhere in life?  Source material, Sales Full Stop, June 14, 2023 — Sign-up to receive my daily transmission straight to your inbox, Monday-Friday. There’s so much value in […]

Removing the manipulation and getting clean

You don’t need to be so careful. It might be a detriment to be so careful.  You don’t need to prove that you can hold her.  It’s true – so know it’s true and go all in. It’s an important thing for you to be willing to risk causing harm to serve her fully. And I want to reassure you that repair may not need to happen as often as you think.  Harm doesn’t happen […]

If you can do it in sales calls, you can do it everywhere

A note on incorrect mechanics: If you’re trying to push or force yourself (or force somebody else), you won’t be yourself. We’re not built to not be ourselves – so it won’t feel good to you to do it that way. A note on conditioning around people pleasing and codependency: Your ability, your comfort, your willingness to say the thing in the moment, whatever that thing is – to say the truth – that’s what […]

True Victory

In Vedic mantra practice, there’s a word. JAI is often how it’s spelled in English. It means victory.  Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram. This mantra is about celebrating the triumph, the victory of the heart over the mind. Of the love over the greed or the scarcity.  The essential qualities of victory – of real victory – are not particularly on the battlefield or soccer field or football field. Those are beautiful, but […]

I do not want to say yes to this contrast.

We’ve been moving for the last week. We did so great. We hired full service movers to pack, unload, unpack. We flew out the day that the movers arrived. We didn’t even supervise the move. We flew private, brought the bunny. All that stuff was great.  Then four days into being in Sedona without our stuff… I’m pregnant, my feet are swollen, there’s no furniture, I can’t put my feet up on anything except the […]