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What it means to wait to respond

When I decided to get pregnant, I had these visions of nursing while on a coaching call. I was super clear that he would be part of my service.  Sometimes I remember that. Sometimes I feel sheepish about how much he’s in my calls. It changes. Then yesterday, I got one of these somebody-puts-their-hand-on-your-forehead-and-doses-you-with-the-god-healing: The parenting decisions I’ve made are so primal I don’t even think about them. I’m still breastfeeding – that’s a parenting […]

How do you align with your true self?

How do you realign with your true self? I think this is the most important question anyone has ever asked. You can only ask it when you know as much as you know already. It’s not a question that everybody can ask. And it’s the most important question. And this is part of why we’re in a six-month rather than a six-day program. I can teach you all you need to know about how to […]

the best possible path

Do you believe that every time something terrible, catastrophic, frustrating, annoying, or disappointing happens that there is a better pathway that you are being directed to? Do you have that perspective? Everything is happening for my benefit. Everything is happening for all of our benefits. There’s definitely places where – both in the abstract when I look at the world – the Holocaust, terrible racism – I still have those edges to my own understanding […]

who do you want to talk to?

From a human design perspective, I am not mechanically built to talk to strangers.  So it’s not surprising that for me, cold calls have mostly meant unexpected sales calls to people I know, whether a little or a lot. In the first months of my business, I made many of these kinds of calls: I dialed all the numbers on my phone and told the people that answered what I was up to, asked them […]

working with tolerations

When I started transforming my tolerations, I was focused entirely on results. Big stuff like how much money I was making, the scale of my business, the way I felt about myself, the level of satisfaction I felt in my relationships. I used my tolerations to create a task list for myself, and transforming the things on that list was how I measured my progress. Over time, as I’ve transformed a lot of those big […]