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Paying More is the Gift, Your Leap to the Next Level

I KNOW that I will make back every single dollar that I invest in myself. Tenfold. If not a hundred. I trust money. I trust myself. I trust my teachers. I trust their prices. That’s how I choose to show up in the world. If I don’t feel good about paying someone what they’re asking, what their value is, I shouldn’t be working with them. If I know I’m meant to work with them but […]

The only thing required to make the big $$$ leap [you’ll like it]

What is the work that I guide my clients through?  What is the work that I know my colleagues and peers have gone through? It is the work of becoming themselves.  Being your TRUEST self is the portal to jumping paradigms with ease and grace in any area of your life, especially money. This is what’s really required to make the big leap… to become the person that you fantasize about being.  It’s how I […]

This is the future of coaching [and your role in it]

In my vision of the future, everybody gets a coach. It’s gonna be amazing. My vision is that people decide for themselves when they want a therapist or a coach at the most mainstream level. It’s not edgy or niche. It’s a practical, personal experience to want to work on ourselves. To address our trauma. In my world, everyone has support throughout their whole lives. They know how to live. They have someone who helps them figure […]

Is your empathy codependency in disguise?

Why is the internet filled with empaths?  Because most people alive today were raised by generations of parents who were unable to respect their children’s boundaries.  So we learned not to HAVE boundaries.  Not having boundaries (and still needing to navigate your dynamics with your parents) meant that you had to anticipate what your parents wanted, needed, and thought… so you could do whatever it was that they desired. So you would stay in their […]

When what scares you is pointing to your growth [here’s what to do!]

This is a gem from one of my favorite collaborations ever; my intimate talks with Elena Brower.  If what scares me is pointing to my growth… and I am completely debilitated and unable to go toward that which scares me… what’s my first move? -EB  There are two things that I find useful and use daily.  Just do it. Jump out of the airplane. The big word for that is ACTION – go into action, […]