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Are you faking your faith?

So many of the conversations I’ve witnessed over the last two years have to do with uncertainty.  More precisely, how we deal with uncertainty. It feels like the whole world is taking on this question.  Which has led me to reflect on the subject of faith more deeply than ever. The experience, the meaning, the purpose, the resources faith can provide…. AND how to discern when spiritual bypassing sneaks in wearing faith’s clothing.  Faith has […]

Finding depth on Instagram (is your feed nourishing you?)

I’ve been really truly sincerely appreciating Instagram lately because I’m learning actual shit.  I’m inspired, I’m humbled. I feel seen and spoken to directly.  As I find more and more accounts that are speaking to my depth and my edge, I’m less and less entertained by more shallow videos of cuteness that I used to be obsessed with.  I want to be called out.  I want to be called in.  I want to be offered […]

The Counterintuitive Secret to Success

My friend and coach Rha Goddess recently said this to me and it hit me hard.   “Most people are in the throes of success, believing we are failing.”  Imagine what would be true if you believed THAT statement.  We live in a society of people-pleasers. People are asking us to follow the program and please them left and right because it’s the dominant paradigm. This can make it hard to see where we’re succeeding, failing, […]

How do you define success as an artist?

A massive highlight of celebrating WOMEN this month, for me, has been shouting out my friend Jahnavi Harrison. Both because I love her so much and because she is such an inspiration. With total service and integrity, this woman’s devotional art has brought her into the realm of celebrity; she is touching a particular frame of success that not everybody gets to connect with.  I was honored to learn from her in this conversation. I […]

What are you harmonizing with?

The process of expansion is full of growing pains.  In that process, we are always harmonizing with something. We are constantly in alignment with one part of ourselves or the other; which one we choose determines how we will experience the discomfort that arises.  The question is: Are you harmonizing with the truth of yourself and who you are in this present moment, the soul part of you?  Or are you harmonizing with your past, […]