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My Privilege, Pain, and Purpose

Your story is unique to you, right?  Made up of all the different elements that fertilize your growth. Joyful experiences that nourish you alongside dark nights of the soul that lead to your breakthroughs.  No matter what’s flowering at the surface of our lives, we all have invisible roots that extend into our deepest material.  When people hear the elevator version of my story it often goes something like this:  “Jesse Johnson leaves teaching in […]

God’s Love and the True You – Guided Meditation

I got inspired to gift you something…   So I filmed a new meditation that supports you in calling on the truth of yourself. It invites you to be fully you and feel good doing it. To welcome yourself as you are, unconditionally.  This is not about getting it right (or avoiding doing it wrong.)  It’s about feeling the presence of God.  On my earliest trips to India, where I truly met God, I was inspired […]

This simple truth can take a lifetime

How we LOVE is equal to how we receive money.  That feels edgy right? Stay with me.  I talk all the time about welcoming what is. Opening the door and saying yes, come in. Yes. Welcoming every part of ourselves. Welcoming the truth. Welcoming our emotions as they come and go.   That exact practice is literally what sets us up to say… Millions of dollars? Great. Come on in. Multiple orgasms every day? Great. Come […]

Fear of Sales – Cold Calling for Liberation!

In the first year of my business, I was assigned to make 100 cold calls in a week. It took me slightly longer but I DID IT. I called a hundred people. I had a hundred sales conversations.  David Neagle gives this assignment to his clients to help us overcome our fear of sales. He was one of my first coaches, and he is a genius at giving an ACTION that gets us over a […]

Embrace rejection. Celebrate the NO.

This is the best “hack” you’ll ever find for overcoming the fear of sales. Learn to celebrate NO as powerfully and authentically as you celebrate YES.  This is not about feeling only positive feelings. I also get disappointed and bummed when someone I want to work with, chooses not to work with me.  It IS about the willingness to be present to all of what’s here.  My ego craves hearing yes… But my soul craves […]