Finding Joy and Happiness Within

“I’m taking home from India a newfound outlook on how life can be lived. The devotion, the joy, the happiness…” -Kristy Conlan In honor of completing an incredible year long journey with our 2020 Vision group, we’ve been sharing stories of profound transformation and healing in India, where the journey began. This video features the luminous Kristy Conlan. Kristy’s walk in India is just so bright and beautiful to witness. Hearing her describe her experience is […]

Radical Expression with The Brothers Koren

This episode of The Success Sessions is everything if you’re an artist, entrepreneur, or human being longing to embody and express your true self in the world.  I’m talking with Isaac and Thorald Koren – revolutionaries of the music world.  The Brothers Koren experienced firsthand how restrictive the music industry was to their expression, and after 15 years they knew they wanted to redefine the landscape. They launched their own writer/producer team as an experiment […]

Clarity is Sexy, Confusion is a Lie

Relinquishing your own sovereignty is devastating. And betraying yourself so others will like you not only sucks, it’s dangerous. Eventually you get confused about who you even are. With everyone else’s curated lives on display before our eyes 24/7, there’s so much capacity to fall into someone else’s sense of authenticity…  In order to be who we really are, we have to claim our sovereignty. We have to be so clear in ourselves that we […]

Transformative Rage Ritual

Recently I released a video on Rage – its value, its healthy expression, and how we can use it to spark transformation in our lives and help us live more purposefully. This work is so important right now.  So I’ve created an active, meditative, expressive Rage Ritual to share with you. In this video, I guide you through it viscerally by practicing the ritual myself. Just watching it will help you access and clear out […]

Sacred Rage, The Spark for Transformation

It’s a wild world out there right now. To say the least. And I know you’re feeling it, as a spiritual person who loves the world and is here to serve humanity.  So as I reflected on how to best support you today, this week, and in the days ahead… what came up for me was working – in a healthy way – with anger and rage. Expressing it, moving it through, and using it […]