My core principles for making high-end sales

When we talk about money at JJC we’re talking about God. Every time. And when we talk about sales, we’re talking about service and spiritual practice. These things can’t be separated. They’re one and the same.  To talk about truly high-end sales in this paradigm, we have to establish some very high standards.  Here are my top principles for making spiritual, high-end sales. Know deeply – in body, mind, and soul – that ANYONE can […]

Disarm them with Love

We all get triggered. That doesn’t make us any less spiritual. In fact, I think you reach a milestone on the spiritual journey when you get conscious and curious about your triggers. You can see what’s actually going on inside of yourself. When a trigger arises, you’re not lost in a spiral of reactivity. You can say… Okay, something is happening right now.  And you get to choose how to respond from there. For me there’s […]

How I stay present when my clients are freaked out

Our explicit job in our businesses is to help, to serve, to support. Especially when our people are “in it.” Feeling tender, raw, and triggered as they work through the deep material.   These are the most important times to be resourced, loving, and present. And they’re the hardest ones!  It’s not trivial to stay centered in those moments. That’s what people pay me for. It’s the reason I can charge what I charge for coaching […]

Motherhood & Running a Business

We’re celebrating LIFE through art for my birthday this week! In honor of my greatest gift, baby Kanai, and the initiation into motherhood, my team created this stunning short film.  It’s gorgeous. It makes me cry every time I watch it – the message is so so important to me. When Sri and I decided that we wanted to get pregnant, we knew we wanted the paradigm of this family to be win-win. What was […]

TRUST the realness – don’t fake it till you make it!

There’s a lot of ‘fake it till you make it’ positivity in the world. (I’m sure you’ve noticed.)  How do you feel about it?  Personally, I’m skeptical. In my own internal ecosystem, performing positivity has been harmful. I’ve harmed myself with my own demand to be positive all the time – as if that’s more spiritual than being negative.  It sets up this duality that we’re supposed to be a certain way. And if we’re […]


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