How to Land Clients by Being Yourself

Relinquishing your own sovereignty is devastating. And betraying yourself so others will like you not only sucks, it’s dangerous. Eventually you get confused about who you even are. With everyone else’s curated lives on display before our eyes 24/7, there’s so much capacity to fall into someone else’s sense of authenticity. In order to be who we really are, we have to claim our sovereignty. We have to be so clear about who we are […]

What to Do When You Feel Rage

Everyone feels angry. Everyone feels rage. But rather than try to manage the anger, or calm yourself down, I invite you to discover how to express it in a healthy way and use this potent energy to spark transformation and help us to live more purposefully. In this video, I’ve created an active and expressive “Rage Ritual” that I’d like to share with you. I guide you through the ritual viscerally by practicing it myself. […]

Sacred Rage, The Spark for Transformation

It’s a wild world out there with a lot of anger and rage in our collective consciousness. As a spiritual person who loves the world and is here to serve humanity, I know you’re feeling it, too. But we don’t need to be afraid of our rage, or shove it under the rug. We can learn how to express it in a healthy way, moving it through, and using it as a catalyst to transform […]

Inspiration in Bhakti Yoga: The Success Sessions with Jahnavi Harrison

Jahnavi Harrison is a musician, artist and writer whose work is inspired by the spiritual path of Bhakti Yoga. Bhakti is about devotion. Love for the divine, love for the world, love for everything. Sometimes described as love for love’s sake, it has been my path as well.  I met Jahnavi about 10 years ago when she was touring yoga studios around NYC. I saw her sing and dance, and I remember just weeping, it […]

Prioritizing Happiness: The Way of Wealth Podcast featuring Ken Blackman

Ken Blackman is not only a dear friend, but has been a very important coach in my life and I’m so thrilled to introduce him to you. In this podcast, Ken shares a powerful lesson about the dangers of trying to take the reins and force things to happen in your life. He has a deep understanding that the universe desires to give you more than what you believe is possible for yourself. In order […]