A Story of Transformation through Unconditional Love

One of the most transformational experiences of my life was leading a group pilgrimage to India at the start of 2020. India is unlike any place I’ve visited. It cracks my heart open again and again, teaching – moment to moment – how to surrender, how to receive, how to have faith. It’s here that I do my deepest transformation. This year I was blessed to share that gift completely.  And the same kind of […]

Change your attitude, Change your life with David Neagle

“I think the best definition of success I’ve ever heard came from Earl Nightingale. It’s a very rounded, holistic definition.What Earl said was: Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal. It’s not a destination, it is the progressive unfolding of your purpose.” –David Neagle I am so over the moon thrilled and honored to share this conversation with one of my most important mentors. David has taught me more about the truth of […]

Eyebrow dharma! Radical beauty and choosing YOU

This video is all about radically choosing yourself, being full-on YOU + 100%  unapologetic about it.  I’m sharing from the chair while I get my eyebrows done because for me, this type of beauty as a personal choice is radical. It represents how I choose myself.  It’s time for all of us to choose our full selves. It’s time for us to choose this life, and be here all the way.  It’s all your choice.  […]

The Success Sessions With Holiday Phillips

The conversation I’m sharing is super important to me, so let’s dive right into it.  Holiday Phillips is a London based educator on racial justice and healing, spiritual teacher, coach and writer. She’s also co-founder of Kula Collective, a consultancy that helps organisations develop conscious leadership and inclusive cultures. Her life’s work finds its home at the point where personal transformation meets collective change – where our inner work extends to real and felt impact […]

Your Authenticity Will Heal the World

You can’t fake your life purpose.  So if you’re here to build a successful business that is the expression of your life and soul’s purpose, you have to get really, really real.  This  video, ‘How Can I Create Sustainable Success? Your Authenticity Will Heal the World,’ illustrates how being YOU leads to getting paid what you’re worth. It’s the short the story of an amazing client who didn’t even have a business when she met […]