Sacred Rage, The Spark for Transformation

It’s a wild world out there right now. To say the least. And I know you’re feeling it, as a spiritual person who loves the world and is here to serve humanity.  So as I reflected on how to best support you today, this week, and in the days ahead… what came up for me was working – in a healthy way – with anger and rage. Expressing it, moving it through, and using it […]

The Success Sessions with Jahnavi Harrison: Inspiration in Bhakti Yoga

Jahnavi Harrison is a musician, artist and writer whose work is inspired by the spiritual path of bhakti-yoga. Bhakti is about devotion. Love for the divine, love for the world, love for everything. Sometimes described as love for love’s sake, it has been my path as well.  I met Jahnavi 10 or so years ago, when she was touring yoga studios around NYC. I saw her sing and dance, and I remember just weeping, it […]

Prioritizing Happiness with Ken Blackman

This week on my new podcast (yay!) The Way of Wealth with Jesse Johnson…  Ken Blackman is not only a friend, but has been a very important coach in my life and I’m so thrilled to introduce him to you. During our conversation, Ken shares a powerful lesson about the dangers of trying to take the reins and force things to happen in your life. He has a deep understanding that the universe desires to […]

What Gilmore Girls Taught Me about Claiming My Power

I love pop culture. I love using it to reflect on my own growth and for teaching about life and business.  Lately, I’ve been geeking out on the show Gilmore Girls. It’s deeply satisfying for me. The perfect comfort binge. It’s fluffy, it’s fun, it’s not demanding at all. I get to completely relax and be entertained and receive.  Of course that’s when I end up getting major insights about the business and life and […]

An Intimate Relationship with God

“Every bead, every chant, every verse got me closer to God, and closer to that space inside of me.”  –Kate LaBrosse  I’m loving sharing the gift of India this week… by gifting you stories of deep transformation that happened for my clients on our pilgrimage this year. In this video, the beautiful Kate LaBrosse talks about her journey of claiming the desire for more… and falling more deeply in love with God, herself, and her […]