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How to Stop Toxic Comparison

For the past few weeks, we’ve been talking about the sneaky and addictive nature of comparing ourselves to someone (or something) external.  How we unknowingly use it to sabotage ourselves, and why it can be so hard to break the habit.  This awareness of harmful comparison is the prerequisite – doing something with that awareness is the radical work.  That’s what we’re doing today. Once you realize you’re being sabotaged by comparison –  How can […]

Comparing is a Sneaky Tool of the Subconscious

This is the heart of all of the work that we do. We’re navigating the fact that we have two parts.  We have the part of us that wants to grow and improve and expand. To do more, serve more, have more, be more, experience more. And the part of us that will truly go to any lengths to prevent the exact thing that we want from happening. The bigger the desire, the bigger the […]

Comparing Will Distract You From the Truth Every Time!

Comparing ourselves to others can be addictive. I meet with all kinds of brilliant people who have incredible visions and intentions and offerings. Skilled people, with big beautiful hearts and a desire to realize their dream and serve the world. Even at that high level of excellence, comparison is something that people contend with. It shows up as the inner critic, the inner judge, the inner asshole. Maybe this feels familiar – You see people […]

Jesse’s Resources for Business, Becoming & Other Big Initiations!

We’re wrapping up the “Behind the Scenes of a 7-Figure Business” series today with an incredibly effective practice for you. Riyaana: Could you pass on a mantra, affirmation, or ritual practice? Specifically, something that you exercised on a daily basis during these crucial moments… In claiming, in becoming, in letting go. What you had to do to make these big leaps.  Jesse: I’ll credit David Neagle here. He did this thing that was so helpful […]

Harming or Healing? When TRUTH shows up.

The idea that I will never cause harm is a kind of toxic perfectionism. It’s what has my clients put me on a pedestal – from which I can only fall. I cause harm – we all do.  That doesn’t make it okay.  But the awareness makes it possible for me to see what’s really happening, be present when I am confronted, and use it to go deeper. Just three weeks ago, a family member […]