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If you can do it in sales calls, you can do it everywhere

A note on incorrect mechanics: If you’re trying to push or force yourself (or force somebody else), you won’t be yourself. We’re not built to not be ourselves – so it won’t feel good to you to do it that way. A note on conditioning around people pleasing and codependency: Your ability, your comfort, your willingness to say the thing in the moment, whatever that thing is – to say the truth – that’s what […]

True Victory

In Vedic mantra practice, there’s a word. JAI is often how it’s spelled in English. It means victory.  Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram. This mantra is about celebrating the triumph, the victory of the heart over the mind. Of the love over the greed or the scarcity.  The essential qualities of victory – of real victory – are not particularly on the battlefield or soccer field or football field. Those are beautiful, but […]

Money Backstory

We are here to break the implicit agreements we have made that separate god and money.  That we, as spiritual people, shouldn’t be making money. That we, as spiritual people, shouldn’t be charging money.  Making money is your service. Making money is your most important service. Making money is what God wants you to do. Making money is what you’re being instructed to do.  This is your medicine.  Our fears about money are just that […]

Healing our wounding around want

For as long as I can remember, I asked for things and didn’t get them. Asking was not the key in those situations.  Sometimes it was because my parents weren’t budgeting as much as I wanted them to. Sometimes it was because they didn’t understand how important that thing was to me. But it was just the experience over decades of asking for something and not getting it.  Asking for something in romantic relationships and […]

Less Words

You know the amount of information that needs to be shared. And it’s so different from the amount of information that everyone else is sharing. It’s sort of like a different language, and you are so solid there. It is the right thing to say. You’ve shared the right information. We relax into you, into your rhythm, into your knowing. There’s no hiding. There’s nothing closed or shrouded. This isn’t some lack of clarity or […]